Tube Laser Cutting

Using a CAD-CAM System our 4 Laser Tube Cutting Machines enables us to change designs instantly and produce components in one operation.
The end product is clean with No Burrs and accurate to a tolerance of 0.1mm allowing the components to go straight to the assembly line or robot welder.
From one offs to large production runs, this is the most productive and cost-effective method of tube machining.

Our tube laser cutting machine will cut slots and holes in:

  • Diameter tube up to 154mm
  • Square/rectangle tube up to 120mm

Our tube processing is wide-ranging – laser cutting capabilities of up to 8.6 metre length feed, allowing us to cut out procedures such as: Drilling, Milling and De-burring. Duright’s laser cutting machines can handle materials including copper, brass, stainless steel, mild steel, titanium, aluminium, manganese and nickel. The capacity and experience of Duright is capable of large batch processing, prototyping, tooling and all kinds of  tube manipulation – all by the speed and precision of laser cutting.

Key Points

  • Laser cutting is ideal for prototypes, no tooling costs and samples made within 1 hour.
  • Skilled Engineers offering technical support when needed
  • Cut batch sizes from one offs to thousands off
  • Using CAD-CAM system our laser tube cutting machines enable designs to be changed instantly to produce components in one operation.
  • Close nesting system means excellent material usage
  • We can offer plating, powder coating and welding on all cut parts.
  • Open 24-7
  • One stop shop for all tube processing
  • We can offer reverse engineering of a sample part. A sample is obtained then a drawing is produced from dimensions taken from sample. We then generate a 3D model of the part and add a cutting path to calculate the optimum cutting speed
  • Precision tube laser and saw cutting to +/-0.1mm is our speciality
  • We are able to process mild steel, titanium, aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper, manganese, nickel and plastic/nylon. Kan-ban and JIT systems are available, and can be controlled using PPAP, SPC and FMEA

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